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Poker is a fun and exciting game that has grown in popularity in the past couple of years. The latest fad is Texas Holdem which is the most commonly played game in North America at present. It's an action packed game that has gained a lot of public attention in the last while and is increasing in popularity more and more. No limit High Stakes Texas Holdem seems to be the game most people are interested in. At least when it comes to watching it on TV. The popular weekly poker tournament know as the World Poker Tour ( WPT ) has increased it's fan base significantly over the last year as more and more people are getting into the game and starting to play. This brings us to the point of this website and the concept of Virtual Poker which has become an equally big fad for poker players and gaming enthusiasts alike.

Virtual poker allows you to play your favorite poker games like Texas Holdem, Omaha High, Omaha High/Low, tournaments, etc... via an online poker room. Getting into a game no longer requires that you call up your buddies, drive or fly to the nearest casino. Now all you have to do is download the free poker software, create an account at a virtual poker room, fund your account and you're ready to play against players of all levels.

Playing virtual poker comes with many advantages and only few disadvantages which I've outlined for you below.

Advantages to Virtual Poker gambling:

  • No need to drive to a casino or organize a game with your buddies.

  • You can play from the comfort of your home or your office.

  • No need to tip the dealer as the the dealing process is handled automatically

  • When playing online you can get more hands in as there is a set time limit to make your call, raise or fold.

  • Online poker rooms offer bonuses and monthly incentives to play at their poker rooms and they don't charge high rakes like land based casinos do.

  • Poker rooms like Party Poker and Empire Poker have managed to prevent player collusion from happening using sophisticated algorithms and manual checks.

  • When playing virtual poker you can play in satellite games for your chance at a seat in large steaks tournaments.

Disadvantages to Virtual Poker:

  • You can't physically see your opponents as everything is done virtually via the web.

  • The biggest disadvantage to playing at a virtual poker room is that you can't cash in your chips and just walk away as you can in land based poker rooms. In online poker when you cash out it can take between 3 - 7 days to receive you cash out depending on the method you choose for the cash out.